Planet Earth


Documentary – Planet Earth

The BBC is known for making one of the most beautiful and educational documentaries on the planet, ranging from psychology and astrophysics to economics and nature. This time we want to share with you the documentary known as ‘Planet Earth’, by many regarded as the very best documentary series of[...]



Let’s talk about poverty

So here we are, sitting in our designer chair and surfing the internet behind our rather expensive laptop. In the meantime there are more than 1.5 billion people around the world who are struggling to survive throughout this very day. We believe it’s important to raise awareness about poverty and[...]



Our beautiful planet – must see video!

If there is one short video you absolutely need to see, then it’s “EARTH” by David Bayliss. The video shows an inspiring text at the start which tells us something about ourselves. Humankind is evolving and developing rapidly, however we seem to be a bit slow in maturing. A species[...]